Natural Foods Manufacturers

Real Estate and the Natural Foods Industry in Miami

One of the greatest discoveries made by man in recent history has been the discovery of natural foods. These foods are grown without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides. They are better for your health and the environment than anything that commercial farmers produce.

An example of a natural foods manufacturer producing this type of product is the American Chestnut Tree. The history of this small emerald patchy tree goes all the way back thousands of years. There is even evidence that ancient Native Americans used the nuts from the American chestnut tree as medicine and food.

The modern-day organic movement is promoting the use of natural foods as much as possible. But this can be difficult to find in the large retail grocery stores. Natural food manufacturers are very few and far between, even in what used to be the “natural” food arena. This is because it is extremely difficult for companies to grow these types of crops organically without utilizing chemicals. Even some organic products such as olives and strawberries are grown with the aid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

This is why you will often find “organic foods” advertised on TV. But you won’t see any mention of natural foods manufacturers. This is because the only way these companies can grow their food without using chemicals is by using something called aquaculture. Aquaculture is farming using water instead of land. The products are then moved to a large water body for processing. If the processing facility does not have the ability to process the organic foods, they will be placed in large storage facilities until a sale can be made.

The advent of turtle mountain foods made it easier for an organic foods manufacturer to create the product that was necessary to give this new natural foods manufacturer a shot in the market. With the help of his mother, Richard began marketing his new products in the South Beach Market in Miami. Within a short period of time the turtles started selling out of the store. In addition to turtle mountain foods, Richard managed to launch a few other natural foods manufacturers including organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, and organic sweet orange oil. The sales of these natural foods manufacturers did not take off in South Beach, but their demand did.

Today South Beach is home to more than half a dozen organic and natural foods manufacturers. A visit to this area is sure to turn heads among local residents and shoppers alike. But don’t let the name of these brands fool you. South Beach real estate has also seen an increase in property values, so those looking to buy homes in the area now have an opportunity to get a piece of this booming business.