Date Suppliers

Finding Quality Dates Fruit Suppliers

When any country wants to sell Dates Fruit to India, they search a market with an active and efficient trader to locate a cost-effective and trustworthy supplier of Dates Fruit to satisfy their clients. It entails more than just glance at a few price lists. The Trader must be able to ascertain the right time and place to sell his products. The quality of the product should also be checked and the quality standards verified.

A trader has to remember the fact that not everyone who walks into a store is intent on purchasing something. Customers need to be convinced and lead to making the purchase. The primary concern for the store proprietor or manager is to obtain sales, and this calls for the determination of a viable marketing program. Some may suggest that customers are not motivated by price, but others believe that it’s quality first before anything else. Whatever you decide, the primary issue to consider is to understand your market, and the best way to do that is to have a clear understanding of your prospective customer’s demands and tastes.

The market consists of various groups of people. People living in urban regions would prefer to buy packaged dates rather than dry ones. People from the countryside would prefer the freshness of the fruit. People from both of these groups must be properly educated about the varying quality levels of dates. If they are not well-informed, their buying decision will be based on the low quality version of the fruit instead of the one with good quality.

The quality of the fruit is determined by how it is picked. This will depend greatly on whether the trader is using old-fashioned manual labor or using machinery. Machines may be used to speed up the process, but the fruit is likely to be bruised or even destroyed during the handling of the machine. Manual labor tends to yield better quality dates.

The shape of dates will also affect their quality. Doughnuts and jelly-dips tend to come in round shapes. Any other shape will not result in as many nutrients as the others. This makes it crucial to check the dates before purchasing them. The trader may claim that he will send them in irregular shapes, but in most cases they will be shipped in rounds, and may even come in bundles of several dates.

The quality of the dates can vary considerably, depending on how they are stored once they are picked. Cold storage will result in the date retaining less of its vitamins and minerals. It will also lose much of its color and may turn to a grey color. Fresh dates should be kept in airtight containers that keep them warm, but not hot. Trader’s stores, bulk food outlets, and large malls are prime sources for dates fruit suppliers.